Inquire The fresh new Nuwaupians, Which and you may exactly what are the Anunnaqi?

Inquire The fresh new Nuwaupians, Which and you may exactly what are the Anunnaqi?

Malachi York, consistent with some other field pseudo college student Zecharia Sitchin, York parrots the fresh new fallacy that “Anunnaqi” is actually individuals who “Anu delivered to Planet.”

The above mentioned comments is actually a verification you to definitely York is entirely lost and you will realized nothing about it topic and this misinformed their website subscribers regarding .qi “those who Anu sent off of eden to world”

The latest help documents getting d-a-nun-na, along with those people to have dingir-gal-gal and also the rest of the stated titles is actually entirely defined during the literary messages. They aren’t said in different management files that have to perform toward choices provided to individuals gods. There are even zero temples that were generated holy to your Anunna and other of the numerous goodness groupings. This proves that those with the veneration of one’s Anunna did not have a massive affect society means.

dingir-a-nuna =NUN, through to the plural suffix of the personal form –ene a beneficial-nuna-ke-ne31. Sporadic spellings without god-determinative appear in the newest inscriptions off Gudea which have several conditions. They are also found in messages which for us lie contained in this the outdated-Babylonian tradition. Although not, one to does not see them when examining the fresh new incantation messages out-of brand new Ur III day and age, and simply rarely for the after messages. The new spelling danuna, that’s native to the old-Sumerian orthography, appears twice from the Gudea-inscriptions, and is a whole lot more commonplace on the dated-Babylonian transcriptions. The fresh new texts regarding after roots are sometimes printed in accordance with young typical sort of this new Akkadian, dingir-a-nun-na-ki rather than d-a-nun-na-ke-(e-) ne da-nun-na-ke

The guy deal the newest epithet out of NUN. Their area is additionally known with NUNki . People who are mentioned inside the an old invocation titled a great-nun-na-eriduki…danuna of the part of Lagas? while the danuna away from Nippur have been of the that point already attested to help you.

Because the father of your own Anuna, “An”, Anu inside Akkadian, the greatest goodness of Sumerian ruling pantheon needed to usually appear. A passage regarding the “Lamentation out-of Aruru”, 7 of the head gods, An, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninmah, Nanna, and you can Utu decided to go to the female gods.They could maybe not, delight her or him (nu-mu-ni-in-hun-e).

1-eleven. In those days, throughout the weeks whenever eden and you will environment manufactured; when it comes to those night, about evening whenever eden and you can world are formulated; when it comes to those decades, on the years in the event that fates had been computed; if the Anuna gods was indeed born; when the goddesses had been drawn in relationship; if goddesses was indeed marketed inside the heaven and you can planet; in the event the goddesses …… became pregnant and you may gave beginning; when the gods was indeed obliged (?) …… their dinner …… dining halls; the newest older gods oversaw the task, once the minor gods was basically influence this new toil. The latest gods was digging this new streams and you will mounting up the latest silt inside the ?arali. The new gods, crushing the brand new clay, first started worrying about this lives.

Anuna ?(Gods, the) seeds/sperm of Earliest try, meets the point out that the new genitive matchmaking need to are present

The Anuna inside or any other Sumerian tablets doesn’t utilize the name, “Anunnaqi” as there are Zero Sumerian text bringing up, .qi “those who Anu sent off away from paradise to help you world”

is the identical getting air, eden or deity, Anu in addition to bares this indication. It is found in new preposition since the good determinative (classifier) before divine labels.

This is actually the exact same when it comes to danuna because it is an effective divine term. I consulted Sumerologist Dr. John Halloran and then he informs us that,

To resolve practical question, who will be the initial and you may what is actually its experience of NUN,‘ one is trigger Enki off Eridu

da-nun-na(-ke4-ne): the fresh new gods overall; brand new gods of your own netherworld, when compared to the dnun-gal-e-ne, the favorable gods off heaven.” John Halloran

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